• Aerial photography

  • Apostle from the Altar of the Three Kings from St. John’s Church (St. Johanniskirche), about 1440

Kulturhistorisches Museum Rostock
Klosterhof 7
D-18055 Rostock  

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Museum Staff

Dr. Steffen Stuth


History, Numismatics, Historic Documents, Militaria

Tel. 0381 381-4531
E-Mail steffen.stuth(at)rostock(dot)de

Stefanie Schröder-Ryczkowski


Tel. 0381 381-4530
E-Mail stefanie.schroeder-ryczkowski(at)rostock(dot)de

Dr. Susanne Knuth

Paintings, graphic arts, sculptures
Nachlass des Kunsthändlers Bernhard A. Böhmer

Tel. 0381 381-4534
E-Mail susanne.knuth(at)rostock(dot)de

Svenja Gierse

Cultural Antropologie, Textiles, Photography, Decorative Arts, Historic Toys, Ethnology

Tel. 0381 381-4570
E-Mail svenja.gierse(at)rostock(dot)de

Ullrich Klein

History 20th century

Tel. 0381 381-4565
E-Mail ullrich.klein(at)rostock(dot)de

Dörte Mulsow

Documentation, Furniture, Ceramics, Picture Postcards, Poster

Tel. 0381 381-4549
E-Mail doerte.mulsow(at)rostock(dot)de

Andrea Steltner

Museum educational service

Tel. 0381 381-4533
E-Mail andrea.steltner(at)rostock(dot)de

Henry Just

Head of technique and administration

Tel. 0381 381-4560
E-Mail henry.just(at)rostock(dot)de

Brigitte Reichel


Tel. 0381 381-4562
E-Mail brigitte.reichel(at)rostock(dot)de