• Rostock Ducat, Master coin maker Johann Memmies, 1695

  • View of the exhibition "Money"

  • Emergency money, Design Egon Tschirch, 1922

  • Emergency money, Bad Doberan, 1922

The numismatic collection is more than 100 years old. It comprises about 25,000 items: Rostock coinage of the Middle Ages and later period, coins of the member towns of the Hanseatic League and other municipalities and territories in Northern Germany, ancient and Byzantine coins and historical coins found in the region. There are also medals, including an extensive collection connected with Gebhardt Leberecht von Blücher, and plaster casts of antique and modern cameos, small reliefs and a collection of seals connected witht the history of Mecklenburg.

Goldmünze, Gulden, Hl. Johannes mit Lamm, nach 1440
Johann Memmies, Chest for medals, 1701