Sacred Art

  • Apostle from the Altar of the Three Kings from St. John’s Church (St. Johanniskirche), about 1440

  • Triumphal crucifix from St. John’s Church (St. Johanniskirche), about 1270

  • St. George from the poor house of the hospital of St. George, Rostock, 15th century

  • Exhibition "sacred art"

The central exhibit in the permanent exhibition of medieval art in Rostock is the High Altar of the Three Kings from St. John’s Church (Johanniskirche). This altar, consisting of several panels, originally had two sets of wings, of which only one set remains.
The crucifixion scene on the main panel and the figures of saints on the inner sides of the wings display portrait-like features and indicate their origin in Rostock. Other figures of saints, probably from the same altar, suggest that another artist was involved. An altar of the Virgin Mary from St. John’s depicts a madonna surrounded by an aureole (around 1450). A 13th century (about 1270) triumphal crucifix is also from St. John’s and is one of the oldest in Northern Germany. A Throne of Mercy from the middle of the 15th century is from the church of the Holy Ghost Hospital.
The portrait-like style and distinct relation of bodies and robes in the side panels of choir stalls from St. Nicholas’ Church (St. Nikolai) point to the late 15th or early 16th century. The rich collection of medieval works of art from the collection of the Cultural History Museum has been extended by objects from the treasure of the Convent of the Holy Cross.

Altar of the Three Kings from St. John’s Church, about 1440