Monasteries in Rostock

  • Emanuel Block, Portrait of Regina Schrader, Domina of the Convent of the Holy Cross 1652 - 1661

  • View of the exhibition "Monasteries in Rostock"

The exhibition “Monasteries in Rostock“ in the cloisters of the convent enclosure presents the history of the three medieval monasteries and one convent in the city of Rostock:  St. Katherine’s Franciscan monastery (St. Katharinen) founded in 1243,  St. John’s Dominican monastery (St. Johannis) endowed in 1256,  the house of the “Brothers of Common Life“ built in 1456  and the Convent of the Holy Cross endowed in 1270. It gives an insight into the history of Rostock’s churches, monasteries and convents, displays the remaining valuable items of all three monasteries and the convent, shows the life of the monks and nuns and so complements the historical rooms of the convent site with impressive objects.
Apart from the Convent of the Holy Cross, the main focus is on objects from St. John’s Dominican monastery (St. Johannis) of which there are great many in the collections of the Museum of Cultural History. The items from the treasure of the Convent of the Holy Cross and the leather pyx chest fom the Dominican monastery are especially impressive.
The items in the permanent exhibition “Monasteries in Rostock“ correspond to other exhibits, especially in the exhibition of medieval art and the impressive convent church (University Church) that is also part of the tour of the museum.

Pyx Chest from St. John’s Monastery (St. Johannis) Rostock, about 1350