Fine Arts

  • Paul Müller-Kaempff, Landscape with Fisherman’s House, about 1895

  • Eilert Adelsteen Normann (1848–1918), Midnight in Norway

Landscapes and inspirations.

Paintings and sculptures in the art exhibition.

Wanderlust or homesickness – landscapes both fascinate and shape people. The mythical Arcadia of antiquity was about living a happy life in idyllic nature. Time and time again, artists transformed those desired destinations of initially the distant South and later the distant North, into arcadian landscapes.

At the end of the 19th century, European artists saw their "accustomed" homeland landscape with new eyes, and painters from the Schwaaner and Ahrenshooper artists' colony were among those who found their motifs in their natural landscape.

Ernst Barlach, the renowned sculptor, sought salvation from a severe crisis of identity and creativity afar in the archaic landscape of the Russian steppe, which inspired a unique style in him, inspiration from which he created his spectacular sculptures in the midst of the Mecklenburg landscape.